Green Schools

Welcome to Mercy Green Schools 2012-2013.

We are now on a mission to obtaining our sixth green flag over the next two years

The theme for this years flag is Global citizenship Litter and waste.

What is global citizenship? We think being a global citizen is about valueing the earth and seeing it as resource that we need. It means caring for our environment.  It also means understanding that citizens in all countries are entitled to basic human rights- like food ,homes , shelter , clean water, proper pay and working conditions.

How can we be good global citizens?

We can do our best to minimise the waste we produce in our school and homes, reuse and recycle where possible.  We can also try to help those less fortunate than ourselves by raising funds for charities, using fairtrade products.

This year SPHE , CSPE classes , religion, art ,science, geography classes TY, language classes  are coming on board to help us   ( thanks so much to their teachers)

Here are some pictures of what these classes have done so far!!

Mercy Green Schools 2012/2013
The Mercy Green Schools have been working to raise environmental awareness within the school and in the wider community for nearly 10 years. In May 2012  the Mercy was awarded it’s 5th Green Flag.
The student led committee organises a number of different projects each year for which pupils volunteer their time and effort.
Lost Property
The girls run a lost property office in the school which is open at lunch time. Unclaimed books are sold for a small fee which is donated to the Hope Foundation.
Roof Garden
This group meet once a week and brighten the school by planting and maintaining the roof garden. They have also established a herb garden .
Recycling/Litter reduction
These hard working girls encourage recycling throughout the school by putting up posters ,speaking at assemblies ,running a noticeboard and

Global Citizenship Litter and Waste
The committee will be running activities and an action day based on the theme global citizenship